We’re Engaged!

Now that we've shared the news with friends and family, I thought I should update you guys. Lucy and I got engaged last weekend on a mini-break in Bournemouth! So here are a few photos and details about the day, and answers to some questions we've been asked. Was it a surprise proposal? No, we've … Continue reading We’re Engaged!


30 Day Shred

Everybody has their own approach to exercise and fitness. Some like to get outdoors and hike, cycle, or jog; others go to the gym or group yoga sessions; and I like to work out at home, alone. I prefer spending the least amount of time possible working out (45 min. max) and therefore I tend … Continue reading 30 Day Shred

Summer Beauty Essentials

The UK is in full summer mode, and with record-breaking heat waves, makeup quickly melts off your face, and sunscreen drips into your eyes. No fun! Like most makeup-wearers, my summer beauty routine is significantly different to my winter makeup looks, and even my "daily makeup" changes. Here are my summer beauty essentials! Facial sun … Continue reading Summer Beauty Essentials

Visiting Oxford – a virtual tour with me!

This week was Open Days at the University of Oxford, with an estimated 14,000 visitors; I calculate that my College had at least 2,000 over the two days. I was more of a "behind the scenes" helper, printing and folding thousands of brochures. Nonetheless, it was nice to see prospective students enjoying the College. It's … Continue reading Visiting Oxford – a virtual tour with me!

Spring Makeup – Pretty in Pink

My heart is heavy with the death of Anthony Bourdain. I admired his adventurous spirit, openness to new cultures and their cuisines, and his tremendous work ethic. His shows got me through some really tough times and it saddens me that during his creation of enlightening entertainment, he was suffering. He will be missed. This … Continue reading Spring Makeup – Pretty in Pink