Beauty and Home Decor Product Regrets

I previously wrote a blog post about my beauty product regrets, and I got positive feedback on it, so I thought it was time for round two! Evaluating which products we regret buying makes us think twice for future purchases. Do you really need the product at all? Can you buy a better option? Reading … Continue reading Beauty and Home Decor Product Regrets

A Simple Action: Creating Dialogue on Sustainability

A while back, I posted on Facebook about how I had retrieved an empty glass coffee jar from the bin at work. As I picked up the jar, my initial thought was, “why didn’t the person who’d finished with the jar put it in recycling?”. My second thought was “I can reuse this!”. Rather than … Continue reading A Simple Action: Creating Dialogue on Sustainability

Mary Berry’s Lemon Victoria Sponge

Since Easter is fast approaching, I thought I’d share a recipe for a cake that would work perfectly for an Easter celebration. I made this cake recently for a colleague’s birthday, and everyone enjoyed it immensely. See my posts on Easter bread and Easter cupcakes for additional inspiration! Mary Berry’s lemon Victoria sponge is a … Continue reading Mary Berry’s Lemon Victoria Sponge

Garbage Audit – How to reduce your waste!

I've got something unusual to share with you today, my garbage! Exciting, right? But seriously, do you actually know what you send to landfill every month? A garbage audit (commonly known as a trash audit in the zero waste community) is when you sift through your bin to take inventory of the items you intend … Continue reading Garbage Audit – How to reduce your waste!

50 Simple Ways to Live more Sustainably

Do with less, and make intentional purchases Buy Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans and loose leaf tea Buy fairtrade – bananas, sugar, chocolate Shop second-hand – charity shops, eBay, Amazon, local sites like Gum Tree or Craig’s List, online clothing sellers like Poshmark or Depop Swap clothes, books, films, etc. with friends and family Compost … Continue reading 50 Simple Ways to Live more Sustainably

Companies that are Greenwashing

In a previous post, I wrote about the definition of greenwashing, and tips for avoiding it. This week, I'm giving you the low-down on companies other people have caught, and I've caught, who are greenwashing. This doesn't mean you should never buy from these companies, but it does mean that you should think twice about their … Continue reading Companies that are Greenwashing