Winter Favourites 2018/19

This winter I've struggled — being sick for most of December and January destroyed my energy levels. Post-Collections (busy time at work) I was burnt out, and the term had only just started. Hence, this winter has been mainly survival mode. In January, I was an expert at hygge, spending time snuggled in bed every … Continue reading Winter Favourites 2018/19


What I got for Christmas (Eco-Friendly Version)

Christmas has come and gone and I'm finally over the dreaded illness, but due to being sick, this post is going up later than planned. Rather than list all the lovely gifts I received for my birthday and Christmas in 2018, I thought I'd highlight the eco-friendly and sustainable presents. As with every blogger, I … Continue reading What I got for Christmas (Eco-Friendly Version)

🎄Christmas Gift Guide – 2018 🎄

Hooray, it's my favourite time of year! Not gonna lie, I've already been singing Christmas tunes (particularly that pesky nostalgic Coke ad "holidays are coming") and wearing my festive sweaters! As this post goes live, I'll be busy decorating the house. 🤗 And, this guide kicks off a month of holiday-themed posts. I started my … Continue reading 🎄Christmas Gift Guide – 2018 🎄

Traditional Shortbread Cutouts ~ Four Variations

For my last post before Christmas, I thought I would stick with a classic - shortbread. But, finding a 'perfect' shortbread recipe is actually quite tricky. There is the traditional Scottish variety that comes in bars or wedges, brown sugar shortbread, whipped shortbread, some with rice flour or corn starch, and some that even call … Continue reading Traditional Shortbread Cutouts ~ Four Variations

Frosted Snowfall Gingerbread Cookies

I've made this gingerbread cookie recipe before and it's now a firm favourite because the cookies are soft, yet chewy. Traditional gingerbread tends to be doughy and goes stale quickly, while other recipes for ginger cookies yield rock solid biscuits. So, if you like chewy cookies, then this is a holiday recipe to try! This … Continue reading Frosted Snowfall Gingerbread Cookies