Christmas 2019

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and restful holiday! I spent 10 days in Vancouver with my family, and Lucy was with hers in the UK. Everyone in my family was sick so we took it easy, but it was nice to go for quiet walks on the dykes, and do a bit of … Continue reading Christmas 2019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Bearing in mind my previous post about re-thinking how we celebrate Christmas in light of the climate crisis, I’ve created a slightly different gift guide this year. Last year’s gift guide focused on useful and ethical gifts, but I’m a firm believer that the best present is one that the recipient will appreciate, and that … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Christmas and the Climate Crisis

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is hands-down my favourite holiday, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I listen to Christmas tunes year round, and start watching festive films in October. In years past, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the excess of Christmas — the food, the glitter wrapping paper, the hyper-consumerism, … Continue reading Christmas and the Climate Crisis

What I got for Christmas (Eco-Friendly Version)

Christmas has come and gone and I'm finally over the dreaded illness, but due to being sick, this post is going up later than planned. Rather than list all the lovely gifts I received for my birthday and Christmas in 2018, I thought I'd highlight the eco-friendly and sustainable presents. As with every blogger, I … Continue reading What I got for Christmas (Eco-Friendly Version)

🎄Christmas Gift Guide – 2018 🎄

Hooray, it's my favourite time of year! Not gonna lie, I've already been singing Christmas tunes (particularly that pesky nostalgic Coke ad "holidays are coming") and wearing my festive sweaters! As this post goes live, I'll be busy decorating the house. 🤗 And, this guide kicks off a month of holiday-themed posts. I started my … Continue reading 🎄Christmas Gift Guide – 2018 🎄