Review: H&M Beauty

When H&M launched their beauty range in autumn 2015 I was excited to test it out. I was also in the middle of finishing my PhD and trying to find a job, so I wasn't exactly in the right head space to be testing makeup. Fast-forward to 2018, and the opening of the Westgate in … Continue reading Review: H&M Beauty


Italian Easter Bread

Happy Easter! I hope you're having a relaxing weekend eating lots of chocolate and enjoying your Easter traditions: be it egg decorating, egg hunts, baking, or going to church. I'm spending my Saturday going to see Ready Player One with Lucy and her dad. On Sunday we're having lunch and a bit of a party … Continue reading Italian Easter Bread

Winter Soups

I love soup! I could eat soup every day. Unfortunately, transporting soup to work never ends well so I usually save my soup eating for weekends. Over the past couple of months I've made a few soups that I particularly enjoyed and want to share the recipes with you. If you have a favourite recipe, … Continue reading Winter Soups