50 Simple Ways to Live more Sustainably

  1. Do with less, and make intentional purchases
  2. Buy Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans and loose leaf tea
  3. Buy fairtrade – bananas, sugar, chocolateDSCN3386
  4. Shop second-hand – charity shops, eBay, Amazon, local sites like Gum Tree or Craig’s List, online clothing sellers like Poshmark or Depop
  5. Swap clothes, books, films, etc. with friends and family
  6. Compost and use a Food Waste bin
  7. Recycle
  8. Buy the largest package
  9. Buy package free/ in bulk
  10. Buy in glass or aluminium over plasticDSCN3388
  11. Choose the wonky veg
  12. Buy your produce loose
  13. Reusable bags
  14. Eat less meat (or no meat)
  15. Consider your milk’s footprint – dairy milk is resource-heavy to produce, but so is almond
  16. Turn off your lights and appliances when not in use
  17. Wash your clothes only when dirty and wash on 30ºC
  18. Air dry rather than tumble dry
  19. Don’t buy bottled water if you have access to clean tap water
  20. Use cloth napkins and hankies
  21. Use cloth rags instead of paper towel
  22. Take shorter showersdscn3370
  23. Get rid of junk mail – unsubscribe from email lists and ask to be removed from postal leaflet circulations of flyers and catalogues
  24. Shop from ethical companies
  25. Buy organic when possible
  26. Recycle your electronics, hazardous chemicals (e.g. old paint) and batteries properly
  27. Switch to LED lightbulbs
  28. Use that freezer – batch cook and freeze leftovers. Freeze produce when in season to have during the winter
  29. Minimise the amount you heat/cool your home
  30. Invest in renewable energy (solar panels)
  31. Avoid fast food
  32. Invest in good insulation and windowsDSCN3774
  33. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth and don’t rinse wash dishes
  34. Reuse gift wrap or use DIY wrapping
  35. Reusable menstrual products
  36. Use cloth diapers and wipes
  37. Have houseplants
  38. Burn clean candles
  39. Choose natural and certified organic fabrics
  40. Get your shoes re-heeled
  41. Mend and repair
  42. Consider mechanical over electrical – tends to last longer and don’t have planned obsolescence
  43. Avoid harsh chemicals in your household cleaners, toiletries, garden care, and makeupdscn3650
  44. Buy only what you need – some people say the 30 wear rule for clothes – I say only buy things you intend to wear until they fall apart
  45. Use worn out fabric as cleaning rags
  46. Opt to use recycled paper products (printer paper, toilet roll)
  47. Take public transit or carpool
  48. Walk more- take those stairs!
  49. Pick the right car – fuel efficient, electric, hybrid, and get it serviced regularly.
  50. Care and share! Try your best to care about the planet, and share what you’re doing with others to encourage more people to make sustainable choices.

Feel free to add to my list in the comments! 🙂

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