Lemon Buttermilk Birthday Cake

As I mentioned in my previous post, Lucy's birthday was last weekend and we had a party! It was very nice (and tiring); we always enjoy having people over. Every time Lucy's family visits we say "oh, just bring something small", and every time they out-do themselves. I'm sure we had enough food to comfortably … Continue reading Lemon Buttermilk Birthday Cake


Sweet Pea and Lemon Cake

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Although St. Patrick's Day isn't celebrated in the UK to the same extent as it is in Canada, the US, and presumably in Ireland, I still wanted to bake something special (green) for today. I've had my eye on this recipe from Veggie Desserts, and thought I would bake this cake … Continue reading Sweet Pea and Lemon Cake

Coconut Lemon Easter Cake

For our Easter party I made this coconut lemon cake, borrowed from pineappleandcoconut.com. The cake itself was delicious, but the icing was somewhat of a disaster. I was admiring pictures on Pinterest of glossy, smoothly iced cakes and thought this speckled egg cake would be the perfect addition to our party. However, at 9pm the … Continue reading Coconut Lemon Easter Cake