Pinterest and the recipes within

This blog is not revolutionary. In fact, I do not want a blog. This space I have created is merely to document my experiments with food. I love Pinterest, and I love testing out recipes from Pinterest. Yet, the thing I dislike most of all about using pinned recipes is that I am redirected to snazzy gastronomical blogger land, where the creative minds behind the recipes give me an ode to their genius and an epically long discussion of the recipe, and perhaps of their day. I just want the recipe. I don’t want to have to scroll for miles, and wait for hundreds of pictures to load. So, here it is. This blog promises to be a concise documentation of the recipes I have tried. No frills. Minimal photography. I will test a recipe, and if I like it, I will post about my experiment and any changes I have made. Then, I will pin these recipes to my Pinterest board. Hope you enjoy!

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